2014/2015 Waterpump guard

Has anyone suffered waterpump or hose damage on the right side of the 2014/2015 engine?

I'm considering the GYTR waterpump guard to cover this area, which was very vulnerable on my early 250Fs.
Are there other good options for protecting this side?

Does the Cycra skid plate cover this are?

Does anyone have  DIY solution?

Pics appreciated.

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My TM Designworks skid has a bolt on attachment that extends all the way to the bottom of the radiator. It completely protects the water pump, pipe and hose. I've got over a year now on the bike and have beat the skid plate on rocks, logs and everything in between. It's still going strong and I will definitely buy another for my next bike.

After seeing the GYTR version in person, I'm definitely getting one.

The only other decent option seems like Cycra.

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