2001 yz426 false neutral

Just rebuilt the whole motor got it started did a little break in and notice that the bike hits a dead spot or neutral between shifting.. it doesn't pop out of gear or into gear it just happens when I shift from gear to gear.. Not all the time but a lot..it's not the clutch or shift forks.. did I install something wrong when I put it back together?? Where do I start to figure this out?? The bike runs awesome just can't really ride because I can't shift threw the gears smooth because it always hits a nuetral. Help please

You are able to shift all of the gears at least some of the time, like if you use the clutch at low speeds, for instance?

Yes that is exactly what is happening..

Sometimes when I go to shift I can't get it into any gear have to mess with the shift lever and ends up in a random gear

So any ideas?? Am I gonna have to pull the motor and split them cases again?

More likely a problem with the linkage under the clutch.  One mistake that can be made is failing to index the shift segment ("star") on the end of the cam correctly.  There is a pin pressed into the cam that's supposed to locate the segment.  If you miss it, the segment is out of phase and the cam will stop in the wrong spot. 


The shift shaft needs to rotate freely in the cases and return to center when released.  If not, the ratchet pawls won't cleanly and precisely pick up the next step in the cam like it should. 


It's more apt to be in that area than between the cases.

Thanks for the help.. know that u say that about the star I Really Never Looked At it.. It Didn't Say Anything In The manual. gonna tear into it now.. thanks again

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