'06 wr450 wit tusk on/off kit.. Need help wiring headlight please?

Hello, I hav an '06 wr450f with a tusk on/off kit. I got the bike used with kit installed already. I have no manual or tusk instructions. It still has the stock headlight that comes on when bike is running. I am trying to install a hi/low beam headlight that works with the tusk on/off hi/low switch....the factory harness has a black, a blue and a yellow wire going into the stock headlight... The tusk harness has a black, blue and a white wire that I believe is spose to go to the headlight.... Can somebody please help me make it so a hi/lo beam headlight will work off of the tusk headlight switch???

Hey Shiggz,

Black is ( almost ) always ground so you can go and connect these first. If you did that you can start by connecting the two blue cables and test if the switch or button works, if you know your headlight real wel you can already tell if the right light, lets say high beam, is connected to the right switch.

Its a 50/50 chance it's right first try !


I think that explains it around the 3 minute mark.

Awesome ^^^ thank You!

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