YZ dual sport project / lighting info

While it may turn out to be futile (ugly rumors abound about not being able to get a license plate for a YZ in CA) I went ahead with my YZ with lights project.

There are so many options to adding lighting to a YZ its mind boggling. Here is what I learned -

1.Moose/Electrex make a YZ "lighting" stator but it only puts out 45 watts or so and costs about $225, but you don't need to change your flywheel or ignition.

2.E-line has the 180 Watt (wow) external stator but it is big and expensive and ugly and overkill.

3. You can swap in the WR Stator and Flywheel, but also typically means changing to the WR CDI (seems dumb & you lose the YZ power/personality)

What I ended up doing, however, was use a new setup from http://www.electrexusa.com/ where they take a new WR stator and rewind/rewire it so it plugs in to the YZ CDI/electronics/wiring harness. This was a very simple/sano solution. You use a WR Stator and flywheel (cost was under $300) and you get 85watts of power while retaining your YZ tuning. I mated that with a "generic" Baja Designs kit I scored from a fellow TumperTalker and I've got a YZ in WR clothing...

Anyway thanks to electrex and ThumperTalk!


Oh one point of note:

If you do order the setup from Electrex be sure to be specific what kind of application you are doing. They custom wire the harness and they sent me the wrong set up at first (pure on/off only lighting vs. battery/rectifier/Baja Designs type lighting).

Anyway I am pleased with the result, only I need to get used to the lighter WR Flywheel (I had a 10 oz weight on the YZ flywheel).

Ah HA! That was my next question. I have a 14oz flywheel and as of yet no one could tell me if I could still run it with a stator, either electrex or any other. It seems to me that a bigger flywheel would interfere with the stator assembly so you would have to run the stock flywheel which, as we all know is crap for woods work.

Does anyone know for sure if it will not fit? If it won't, then I'm probably not going to buy a stator for mine.

Roostn in Golden

The external stator adds 12oz of flywheel weight making it just right with lights. It does stick out a bit but you get used to it.


If you use the WR flywheel I don't think YZ weights will work. The WR Flywheel is heavier than the YZ for certain, but I don't think it is as heavy as mine was with the weight. YOu can buy special weights for WR flywheels also.

What are the differences between the WR and YZ CDI?

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