Is it a 2003 or 2004 ????

I just picked up my new 2004 wr450f from the dealer.

I watched the dealer build the bike from the crate and was told a couple of times that this bike was definitely an '04.

When I got home I noticed a sticker beside the serial number on the steering stem area that said:

"Made in Japan: 09/03" (September 2003)

My registration states that it's a 2004

My question is... How do I know that my bike is really an '04 ????? Is it possible that the dealer has played a fast one on me and given me a 2003? I would like to avoid the woodruff issue if at all possible.

It would be illegal for the dealer to do that right?

Is there a way to tell by my serial number???

I hope it is an '04 that was just built in 2003.

Some help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A couple of very quick differences. The upper part of the forks are gold on the 04's and not silver like the 03's. Another difference is the starter gear. The cover for the starter gear protrudes a bit on the 04 whereas on the 03, the cover is flush. Also, the 04's have gripper seat covers and aluminum kickstands whereas the 03 doesn't have either. I'm sure you got an 04, but it doesn't hurt to make sure. :)

It is normal to have a manufacturing date a year earlier than the model year. :)

If the tenth digit in the serial number is a 3, then it is a 2003. If it is a 4 then the year model is a 2004. :)

YES, the tenth digit in the serial number is a "4" (2004)

And the bike displays all features listed for a 2004.

The reason for my concern was that the bike that i received had a different serial number than the one on my bill of sale that they gave me when i paid my deposit. They told me they must have brought in two WR's that day and I got the other one. Also, when I first ordered the bike they did have an '03 on the showroom floor that was not there when I picked my bike up.

I just want to know what I am paying for......

(2004 gremlins instead of 2003 gremlins)

Thanks for your help guys.

This bike is quite a wicked machine by the way. :)

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