WR 450 subframe mod

I want to lower the seat height on my 03 WR450. There is not much seat to shave, so that's not really an option. I was thinking about doing the subframe mod (opening up the hole to where the subframe mounts to the frame).


-Is this a good mod to do?

-How much do you open the hole up?

-What kind of dremel attachment did you use to open up the hole?

-do you have to cut off the bottom of the subframe arm to allow it to go far enough into the frame bracket?

Thanks for the help!


Not a good idea on the WR450. I think that much wont fit after you do it compared to a YZ450. I would go after getting the forks professional shortened 2" and have the rear shock linkage or unit modified as well for 2". Next shave the side of the seat foam to make the seat feel a little narrower between your legs. :)

I don't understand... why is it not a good idea??


I took a good second look at my bike and it will work without fit issues like I thought it might. :) It will lower the rear seat height for whoops. But it will make verly little or no difference at the normal riding postion. I think the MX guys do this so when they are all the way back going over the whoops they dont get their ass kicked and throw them off balance. I dont see this as a seat height benifit for us short guys. :D me included. :D I think going after suspension will give you better results.

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