Wr426 problems.

Been having this problem a lot lately, mainly when I'm riding on pavement.

For some reason, whenever I'm riding on pavement, I can't seem to keep the front tire on the ground. Like I just twist the throttle and it comes right up and just stays there. I've tried shifting up all the way to 5th gear, but it still stays up in most cases. The only way to get it to come back down is by letting off of the throttle or tapping the back brake. I'm just concerned that my rear tire will wear faster than my front, and at this rate, my front tire may never need changed! The front doesn't come up as much while dirt riding, mainly just makes a rooster tail of dirt, but sometimes it still will come up if the rear tire hooks up good and I goose the throttle just right. This really concerns me and I'm thinking about switching to a KTM, because I hear they have a "smooth power delivery" and also a rack to hold your purse for when you get tired of holding it. Any ideas/ suggestions?

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Mmmm I seem to have the same problem.....

Change your gearing. Go down a few sizes. That will make it have a less hit.

Same problem with my 426. Never on the street though, it's not a street bike, it's a DIRT bike.

It also tends to buck me off now and then, resulting in the purchase of more and more protective gear. And pain killers. Totally worth it, though.

I had that problem when I was younger. Looping it over at 60 mph fixed that. Lol

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