2011 yz450 Hesitation at full Throttle

I am experiencing hesitation when going to full throttle. The bike breaks up / sputters.  I changed the fuel pump and filter but this did not correct the issue. I have purchased a new spark plug. Any other suggestions on what could be causing the issue?

Any fault codes?

Rev limiter? 

No fault codes. I was expecting there to be, but the tuner does not show anything.

Is the rev limiter part built into the ECU or a separate item? How would you troubleshoot an issue with this?

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Yes, the rev limiting function is built into the ECU.  If the limiter kicks in, though, it doesn't sound like a misfire or sputtering, it's off-on-off-on-off-on in rapid, regular fashion.  Your problem sounds like the kind of thing that a bad plug might do.  Don't over think things just because it's EFI.

New plug seems to have solved the problem.

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