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engine rebuild schedule for a woods bike?

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i have a 2012 250r with 100hrs on it, all aggressive trail riding with a handful of enduro races thrown in.

installed a 270  piston/cylinder at 15hrs

has been running a stage one cam so it doesnt rev as high as a stocker.....


Valves have yet to move since new (last checked 20hrs ago)

no metal debris in the oil filter last time i changed it.


pretty religious about clean oils/ air filters.....

it does burn a little oil between changes (extreme example: rode 4 hard days in moab recently and it went from 4/5ths of full on the dipstick to about 1/5th over the trip)



Sooo what should i be considering for a rebuild?

new piston and rings are a no brainer....

But with how reliable it has been and no signs of major issues im reluctant to go any further as ive seen quite a few "blown motor 15hrs after rebuild" posts....


Id love to just do a piston and run it another season but would like to hear from those with experience



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The cranks and main bearings I pulled out after my buddy damaged the cases on his '04 250r that he hammered on woods riding for many years looked pretty dang on perfect.  That bike must have had at least 200 hours on it.  Vet B pace or so.   The countershaft bearing was rough and yea it needed a piston.

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Cranks are generally good for around 200hrs of moderate use. The 270 kit will be placing more stress than usual on the crank tho. As long as it isnt making any metal, at 100hrs, id just do the piston kit.

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