2014 WR450 - Question on Hole in Cylinder Head

Hello all, I just got a new 2014 WR450 about a month ago.  I haven't had a dirt bike for about three years and am getting back into it.  This is my first brand new bike and I did all the necessary prep before riding and breaking it in, feels good to know that it's done right!


I'm curious to know what the hole in the cylinder head shown in the picture below is and if it should be plugged.  I read through the manual and it makes no mention of this hole.  Can anyone give some insight to this?




I believe it is a drain for the spark plug hole. Congrats on the new bike!!

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That's the  Powerband hole.

You must make sure it is clean at all times, or your powerband will go weak.

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Put a little compressed air to it see what happens

Drain for the spark plug well.  lets any water that gets in there drain out.  Also If changing the plug blow out with compressed air before you remove the plug to get any dirt or garbage out.

Thanks guys, appreciate the help!

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