06 , 50 teeth or 51?

My stock ratio is 13/49. Will i notice one more tooth on the rear in the trails? or should I move up 2 teeth to 51? I have the problem of being on tight trails and constantly having to be on the clutch to avoid stalling. Will I really notice one tooth or is it worth it to do 2?

I made the switch from 49 to 51 and I could tell a bit. Probably worth it if you ride trail.

I would go 2 teeth that's what I did and I can tell it has slightly lower Gearing one tooth I think you would be wasting your time. Two made a small difference personally I think I would have trouble even being able to tell one tooth but maybe some riders are more sensitive to change than me. If I wanted to change my gearing one tooth would be a waste of my time and money I would go 2 at least. That's just me though.

13 52 for me! Had a 51 but still wasn't using top gear much.

Heavy flywheel made a big difference too for roughly 100$.

I have ridden tight single track with little clutching.

I'm 13/51 on my 06' too. Love it for desert riding.

i used to run a 51 on my 07 on the track. help a lot in tight rutted turns. now that I have better corner speed im back with the 50

I've got an '09 yz450 and I run a 51 on the back. It allows me to use 3rd in most corners. A 450 pulls forever and the gears are very broad, if I were you I would go 2 teeth and try that. However changing 2 teeth on a 125 is a major difference and you should try 1 tooth at a time.

52 is a perfect sprocket

50 tooth doesn't work for me on single track.  51 tooth is good for atv trails and 2nd - 3rd gear singletrack.  52 tooth is ideal if all you do is tight singletrack.

13/52 plus a weighted flywheel and you won't have any problems.

I just did some club riding with fly wheel weight and 13/50 While I admit they were what you would call quad trails with a small portion of single track they were pretty rough wet and muddy. I found what I had acceptable and leaps and bounds better than stock I can see how slightly lower gearing would be better for super tight and technical riding even though I'm not crazy about the idea about the gears being much shorter it really does boil down to where you ride. I also ride track so I find this a good middle ground if I don't want to be swapping sprockets. My riding buddy for the day was a kid riding a true trail bike and I didn't see my self at any huge disadvantage during the day and there was some pretty wet technical riding. I also have the injectionneering modification. I should probably ad my bike came with 13/48 so 13/50 is actually going up two teeth for me it seem a lot of bikes come with 13/49.

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