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Front intermediate tire

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I rode Zuki RMs for about the last 15 years. While I've read that so many dislike the Dunlop 51 front, in our intermediate, rocky terrain, I liked them. But then again, Suzuki's are such awesome turning machines, I think they'd still have the front stick well even with no knobs left, lol.

I now have a 2014 TE250 Berg (KTM). The 51 stinks on this bike... even with having raised the forks some and running 105mm sag (PDS).

What front are you guys running in int/hard terrain with LOTS of rocks?

Thanks, John

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Thank guys. We have such a gravely base here that I have found the B403 and D81 (a copy of the old 756) to be skatey in these conditions. Keep hearing great things about the B59 though.

I really like the Michelin MH3, never tried their front though. The M12 works well here, but the side knobs don't last long.

I have been running MH3's for a few years now on Idaho single track mostly and I am very happy with them front and rear.

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You may despise my tire, but I love your Hatfield McCoy!

We go every year and don't even ask about the little bar and its dancing ladies...

Hey neighbor. I love my S12 for spring ACES enduros. Something about those aggressive side knobs that make it feel to me like it catches or deflects in rock.

Hatfield McCoy is good time. Its been too long since I've been there.

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