**MUST SEE** New Pics in 400/426 Forum

There are a couple of me from the last rally (Nolan Rally) About 550 bikes were entered. There was a guy with a digital camera taking pics of all the riders coming through a certain section...

An absolute classic of a series of 6 pics..this guy was on an older IT Yammy..probably thinking..

"hmmmm camera man ahead...guess I should put on a bit of a show eh!"

Let me know what you guys think....a great moment captured on camera.


Curt in Oz.

where's da pics?

In the WR400/426 Pictures Section....


By the way...Brians instructions on how to post any pics up in the pictures section were really straight forward.. I registered with photopoint, uploaded the pics and there they are...how bout some others bung some pics up there?

Aaahhh, Sweet! I did that on my third ride with my 01 426. It was on the snow though, not nearly as dusty. Very nice photography.


Hey Curt in Oz. Wonderful sequence of pictures :). The next time you want to test the durabillity of your riding pants and strength of your knee pads all you have to do is jump up in the air and land on your knees. You don't need a bike to do the testing. :D. How come there's no skid plate on that bike. Oh no rocks :D Ride Safe & Ride Often.

Excellent pics! Love the sequence. I hope he does all his own developing!!!

Question: I was using photopoint, but arent they now charging for services? Where can you go to post pictures for free?


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Enduro Heaven

Excellent pictures!!!!

Okay, everyone who's ever done that please raise your hand… Thought so. I've done it many times, just not in front of a camera - yet.

Great pics!

Those are great! I'm wondering what the guy behind was thinking when he came around the corner..."What the hell did he hit?" And no I've never done that, I can't get the front tire up enough...not that I'd want to do that :)

LOL Unkle Moose... that wasnt me, it was just one of the entrants.. Damn you think Id post that if it was moi?? :)

milkman2544.. all I did was go in and put some details down, got an email nearly instantly with the username and pword and uploaded the pics.. no cost.

I actually have about 1000 pics all on CD.. all about 1024x1278 in size...crazy stuff.!

3rd pic down looks like he is definitaly on his knees,PRAYING!!!!!

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