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Honda Crf-250x or Husqvarna TXC-250

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I am shopping around for a newer bike and have my eyes on two different bikes a 2014 txc-250r and a 2012 crf-250x. I like the convenience of electric start which is why I am looking at these two. I am looking to trail ride and do a little dual sporting with the bike while still having some power. I recently owned a 07 crf-250r that was an absolute nightmare for hot starting and dont really want to deal with that again. I currently own a older 2 smoker Husky and its fun but parts availability is becoming the issue. The txc is fuel injected which is nice but has some quirks and the 250x is still carbed but still has some valve issues. I am just looking for a direction to go in because I am trying to buy a bike that I can ride for a few years and not have tons of issues like in the past.

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