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Shane Watts School

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Hey guys, there will be a Dirtwise school held by Shane Watts this November 15-16 at Sarah , Ms.  The property is located about 20 minutes from Senatobia, Ms .  The property is a 750 acre piece of land leased by SDRA ( Southern Dirt Riders Assoc ) with a 22 mile  primo single track loop.   There will actually be a race held there on Nov 29th for those interested.  Jason Roberts, the reigning GNCC MX2 champ will be teaching the class.  You can go to the Shane Watts website or just open the flyer I've attached if you are interested in attending.

Also, There was some interest in attending an ""Advanced" class, so I called Shane and he said he would put on an Advanced Techniques Race Class on Friday if at least 3 people would sign up ( maximum 8 students ).  This advanced one day class will be $250.  If interested, email me directly so I can forward the info.  There is already one guy that said he was in, need 2 more and the class will be on. 

This would be a good opportunity for someone interested in joining the SDRA to see the property and check it out.

I wasn't able to attach the flyer, you can either go to the Shane Watts site or TRR site to access the flyer.

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