oil consumption

hi guys.i would like to ask you how much is the oil consumption on your wr450.my wr450 model 2003 at 500km(level a little above the middle of the dipstick) needs about 40-50 ml of oil to arrange the top of the dipstick.is it normal?thanks a lot guys..

First off, using the dipstick to determine oil consumption is a crap shoot, at best.

The bike must be perfectly level, have the same exact amount of warm up time, and cool down time before checking the oil, each time.

My bike measures more/less oil just based on how I put the bike on the stand (tilt).


You can spill 50cc just chaning the oil and filter.....


Ideally you would measure the input and output to determine oil loss.


...but yes, 50cc oil consumption is possible, usually after a high speed distance ride, and usually some of that oil comes out of the top breather tube.

every time i change the oil and filter i measure the oil level through dipstick with the same way(bike perfectly level,warm up 3 minutes and then i use the dipstick to see if it needs some oil to arrange the top).do you think that i have to refill it to arrange the top of the dipstick?the oil level on dipstick is at the middle of the top.thanks for your anwer.

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