should I replace my head gasket?

As some of you might know I had a valve issue on my 07 450. I did a top end rebuild and put new gaskets on (just want to be clear) and had the head torqued. The bike hasnt ran yet so I was wondering if I can still use my new head gasket, or should it be replaced?

No, the gasket can't be reused.  It's extremely important that the head gasket be crushed in place in order to seal properly.  Reusing one, even if you never ran it, gives you less than a fifty/fifty chance of having it work.  From '06 up, the engine uses a steel shim base gasket, too, so really you have about a 45% chance that the base will leak if you reuse it.

Thanks gray. I'll be grabbing a new one when I get my shims today.

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