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Not Starting

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'05 DRZ400SM


Got this bike awhile ago, it was neglected pretty hard.  Flywheel bolts sheared shortly after I got it.  Got that fixed and then had problems keeping it running, troubleshot to carb issues, rejetted, ran great for about a day...and now it won't start.  Starter spins great, but it's not turning the motor.  It sounds like it is trying to catch, and sometimes it does.  Here is a video for the audio, hoping someone can help point me in the right direction. 


I checked the fiche, everything matches:




Except for the washers around the circlip, those are installed per FAQ.


Video for the sound:




Thanks, hoping I missed something dumb and someone has an idea.

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Engine isn't turning over consistently.  Starter is turning, not engaging the engine except for maybe one rotation out of a bunch.  The main sound in the video is the starter motor spining, a ratchety sound, and then one or two compressions total.

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Found the problem:





Thought I read somewhere that someone had found where you can order just the inner part of the clutch, instead of the entire assembly that is shown in the fiche.  I can't seem to find that now, anyone been here before?

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