Key ignitions

Hi guys, I'm hoping you can help me with deciding which 400/450 to go for.

I've spent months trying to figure out which bike to go for:-

CFR, EXC, DRZ, WRF, FE, TE but couldn't figure out which, then finally I settled on the WRF.

But then a few days later just before I was planning on buying one I find out there is no key ignition on this model..

I'm slightly flummoxed by this as clearly these are the sort of bikes that are stolen the most of any sort of bike!

I also understand these are dirt bikes and some people don't need key ignitions, but my plan is to ride it off road at weekends but also commute to work and maybe run to the shops on it.

I don't drive so this would be my main mode of transport.

Would it be easy to fit a key ignition to a WRF or does it not really matter as a guy said to me 'you will need a good chain lock on it anyway to stop someone just rolling it away'

I've already had 2 125's stolen before so I'm uber-paranoid anyway.

What do you guys think?

Any advice welcome.


I have this one on mine:


It's allright. It works in series with the main switch and still allows for the push button kill switch and start switch to work when key is  "on".   I suppose if some really had time they could cut the wires and "hot wire it" using the main's does work as a deterrent snd it would take some fanagling to by pass it.  I think for mostly full proo you will still need a chain to prevent someone from rolling it away.   

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You might consider a disc lock alarm combo. So hopefully you can hear if a thief is about. Then clobber him. :ride:

Thanks Atomic, i'll check the prices over here and find out how much to fit it, as I wouldn't have a clue! :)



You might consider a disc lock alarm combo. So hopefully you can hear if a thief is about. Then clobber him. :ride:


Hehe, yea I would certainly do that, vent up anger from last bikes being nicked!


Thanks for the tip mate :)

I bought that same ignition posted above off Amazon (not listed as same brand, but looks identical)

It's working good on my WR build.

It's a dual throw switch.

Has 4 wires, 2 are connected when the key is turned to on and at the same time the other 2 are disconnected.

Take key out and it flip flops.

Giving you an ignition source when key on and giving an extra "kill switch" with key off

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