2010 yz450f problems starting after its warmed up

It will start in 1 kick when it's cold but after I've been riding it for 10 to 20 minutes if it stalls or flames out it takes forever to start I didn't know if the ecu needs re flashed or what the valve shims seems to be within specks thanks for any help

I have a 201 and if it doesn't start in the first 3 or 4 kicks when hot, I just make sure it's in neutral and pull the "choke" on (I know it's not really a choke but don't know what else to call it) then it fires right up

You might have already tried this but my bike was being a little stubborn when I would stop on some tight trails while riding this weekend when it didn't start the first couple kicks I would crack the throttle just a hair and it would immediately fire right up my Bike is the same year as yours.

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