Discounted Sidewinder Sprocket/Chain deal in the making!! Who's Interested?


To: "NH Kevin"

Subject: Bulk Order deal on Sidewinder chains/sprockets for members.

Re: discount/deal on bulk order??

Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 14:17:34 -0600

Dear Kevin,

I would be glad to work on a special bulk deal for your guys.....vic

OK you TT'ers!

I would like a show of hands ONLY, for now!

I know they offer Titanium or Stainless or Aluminum rear sprockets.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS change out your sprockets and chain as a set!

I am running a smaller countershaft on my 99 WR (13 teeth?) and am VERY HAPPY with it.


DO NOT SEND ME E-MAIL in response to this

DO NOT POST A PRIVATE MESSAGE in response to this

This is just for a show of hands ONLY, and state what you are looking for.


It is too tough to jump between all the forums. If you post on another forum, you will go un-noticed!!

I WILL NOT be sending out anything individually, like the Kouba deals. There is not enough Celexa/Prozac in the world to control the anxiety that deal put me through. I do not know if this will effect our purchase position or not. Depends on the show of hands.

Do not reply if you think possibly, maybe, if it doesn't snow next week, if you hit the jackpot lotto, that you may be interested in this.


No Wannabee's PLEASE.

see @

I will absolutely NOT do business with Krause under any circumstances because of their attitudes towards customers. Very poor customer service should not be tolerated and won't be on my part.


Please shed a little light. I have invited Mr. Krause to check out our websight. Maybe he can provide some input...???

Kevin, unfortunately I won't partake of this latest special from you.Chains and sprockets I can get readily, Kouba tools I cannot :)

Thanks for the Kouba should attain legend status soon, if not already !


Personally, I've never ordered from them. But I have heard way too many horror stories about people ordering one thing and getting the wrong part, trying to send it back and not getting a refund but a "credit" towards future purchases, people getting charged more than they were told for items, and to be honest, other bad happenings that I can't recall right off hand. Personally, I hate to make a judgement without knowing the facts. If I were listening to me, I'd be skeptical. But Since I've heard more bad than good about dealing with Krause, I'm not going to take the chance. I honestly hope I'm wrong and everyone gets a great deal and gets what they ordered. I just hope it isn't a publicity stunt to get a couple bucks off some overpriced-to-start-with items.

Afam is almost right across the street from my house


I am not evil, nor do I hold usless grudges. Krause is less than 1/2 hour from my house. I have had friends who have worked for Vic. I have tried to be loyal to the hometown company, however his personal (and business) attitude towards the "pesant customer" has driven me elsewhere. Krause racing products are over priced for the quality. I even refreshed my memory by buying Krause equipemet after 10 years. The chain and sprocket set might be worth gambling on at a 70% discount off of current prices. Anything more than that would be over paying. Again, nothing personal.......Just trying to keep the thumpertalk boys from making a mistake.

Take it for what it is worth.


I too listened to Vic's speech and came away unimpressed. I would rather buy $50 sprockets and replace them once a year than have to pay $300 or more for all the titanium hype. Hey Tim where in C.L. do you live. I am in McHenry on the west side.-- Joe

Sent 01/30/2002, 0345 E.S.T.

Mr. Krause,

I have been questioned several times on what type of discount may be given. Some guys are very reluctant to reply/commit for exactly this reason. I fully understand very often the size of the "bulk" dictates cost.

If you could help us out here providing some numbers, Mr. Krause, I can assure you we can get a substantially larger response.

Thank You, Sir!


Kevin D. Lysdahl

This is not an endorsement!

I ordered a stainless rear sprocket/chain/front sprocket combo from them a couple of years ago for my YZ400.

The stainless rear sprocket lasted two full years of MX and HS racing. The chain and front sprocket had to be replaced twice in that same time period.

I did not have a bad experience with them, I got exactly what I ordered.

However, I was new to the sport and had not heard all the horror stories like the ones posted here. (Heard many more of them on DRN). I debated getting a set for my 426 but have put it off due to these comments.

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[ January 30, 2002: Message edited by: Hokie ]

Id buy a Krause set up if was substantially discounted. Ive got a Krause set up on my CR500 that Ive ridden almost exclusively in Glamis (sand dunes) for 8 years now, and its still in good shape. Thing is, it was on the bike when I got. I checked the prices just last week for my thumper and almost gave myself a concussion when I fell outa the chair. No wonder they dont post pricing in thier ads. Id buy'em if I could affordem' (and im makin 6 figures) :)

wow 8 years in dunes? I used up a renthal ultralight in one weekend!!

No word yet on how much of a discount?

MXTuner; Interesting that you should say that about Krause. Here's my experience with them. I ordered a set of high-end sprockets and chain last year. Once these parts arrive I set about at the task of removing my rear sprocket for the swap. Damn it, when I went to install the new sprocket, I discovered that the mounting holes were not chamfered. Damn! Put the old stuff back on and cursed the day I ever heard of Krause. I called them the next day to see what they would have to say about this and Krause was very nonchalant about this problem. They said to use flanged bolts and the heads would clear the swingarm. They didn't even offer to send me the bolts. Very unprofessional in my opinion. Needless to say, I will NEVER EVER make another order with them. As a side note, I used one of their "O" ring chains a few years ago and it's been the best chain I've ever used.

If you want a good resonable priced sprocket check out "spikes sprockets". They are cnc machined aluminum and hard anodized. With a RK 520XS0 chain , I rode a wr426 in 20+ cross country races and never even needed to adjust the chain. Renthal sprockets were distroyed in 3 rides average under the same conditions.

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