06 wr 450 seems to run hot

I rode my buddies 450 a couple weeks ago, and the heat around my knees, coming from the radiators seemed really hot compared to my 250x. Is it cuz it's a bigger bike or do we need to look into jetting? And what are the jet sizes recommended? We're riding later today so we might check into it. Is the carb a bitch to get to like my Honda?


Thanks for any help. 


Smart asses need not reply  ;)  :D

If the header is glowing red then its jetting. Look into some over sized radiators off of ebay.

Go to the top of the forum and read the FAQ's and the Jetting thread

I feel the heat a lot more on my 450 than I did on my 250.  Probably nothing to worry about as long as it's running OK.  

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