Yamaha seats

Why does yamaha make there seats so damn hard?

gotta break em in dude!

26 hrs on one and still damn hard.

Why does yamaha make there seats so damn hard?

I found my 2014 the hardest of any bike I've ever rode. I ended up buy new soft seat foam from Gutsracing.com. I just took the cover off my seat and pulled the old foam off, spray glued the new foam on and recovered the seat. HUGE difference! I don't sit too much, but when I do, it's awesome! Haha

I thought the granite seats from my 2 strokes killed all the nerves in my ass, my 14 is just as bad.

I think the seat on my 14 feels pretty good, actually a little softer than my honda. The seat cover cover on the yamaha though is super grippy it always feels like it is gonna pull my pants down.lol

Coincidentally, the Chinese national equivalent of AmTrak has high class seats, "coach" seats, and a really cheap category called the "Ying Xi".  The "Xi" is pronounced the same as "Z" in English, and the seats typically go by the acronym, "YZ".


It means "hard seat".

gotta break em in dude!


Yamaha seats actually break in??  I've a YZ seat on my WR with hundreds of hours and it (8000 miles maybe??) is still like a 2x4.  A friend who rides a KTM525 rode the bike up to the general store a few years ago and thought it was the hardest seat he ever had ridden.  He only took it for 3 miles each way on a dirt road and thought it bruised his tailbone.

The seat on my '09 is crazy plush. I compared it to my buddies '10 CRF450 and a '14 KTM450 and both are harder than mine. Maybe the new ones are not as soft as the foam from a few years ago......

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