1998 WR400

I am thinking about buying a 98 wr400 dualsport, I was wondering if these bikes had any problems or issues? Thanks for your help. :)

clutch basket was weak >> this DOES NOT mean you will have a problem however.

I bought a '98 WR400 new in July of '98. I'm 48, 180 lbs., ride at Budd's Creek (when there are no races), several places in West Va., central Pa., upstate N.Y., on motocross tracks, trails that are tight with 500 foot tall hills and old logging roads and railroad beds that are flat for miles. This is my favorite bike out of all that I have ever owned or ridden which includes most popular MX and enduro and dual sports made in the last 35 years. It has been supremely reliable with no breakdowns, just the usual wear and tear items (tires, chain, sprockets etc.) I have no problem starting it with a ProTec kickstarter lever. I am selling it now to get an '04 WR450 because I would like the electric starter since age is catching up with me. I've got over 500 hours on it and still have the original clutch and the top end is still tight. If the 450 didn't have the electric start I would keep the 400. One thing I did as a preventive measure was change the internal shifter cog that is at the end of the shifter shaft, it's behind the clutch basket. The original was a two piece part with a pin pressed in. This fell out of my son's '00 YZ426 and got up in the primary gears and did major damage which Yamaha covered. The new style is a one piece part.

Do you have the part number of the one piece shifter cog?



5LP-18122-00, it costs about $40.00. You need to remove the entire clutch basket and then the foot shifter pedal so you can slide the shifter shaft into the crankcase about an inch so the yoke clears this piece. BE CAREFUL, there are small spring loaded parts that will fly out if you're not careful. The service manuals for the later YZ/WRs have better pictures of this area, however if you look carefully at it before you remove it you can figure out how to get it in. It helps if you have small fingers. I recommend this for all '98, '99, '00 WRs and YZs. The pin is pressed into the old style, the new style is cast/machined from one piece. Make sure you get the new style, the part number I gave is for the new style.

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