New sprocket specialists ez-up stand ???

Hello all,

Has anyone tried the new ss easy up stand

stand with their 426? Any thoughts, construction, quality, ease of use???



anyone??? won't bump again, i promise :)

I saw the add it was cheeper than anything else even the plastic crate.I am odering one this week I'll let you know.

Ive got one, its a piece of **** . plain and simple. It works, but its ricketty as hell. Its nice when your tired and dont want to have to pick the dang thing up to get it on the stand. but dont let go of yer scoot until ya know it isnt gonna fall and hit your truck or errrr your wifes new car, in garage! yes it hit the new car. and broke the dang clutch lever, my works connection lever when it caught the door handle on the way down. :)


Thanks for the info... that is what I was afraid of... looked kinda flimsy even in the pictures. I appreciate your feedback, that is what makes this board so great.

-- Charles

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