What type of tires should i get?

i bought a 93 xr600r used and its about time for some new tires. I mainly use it in sand and sometimes on rocky surfaces. I dont really know what to get and theres so many things out there. :)

My 600 came with a Dunlop 739AT (rear). I burned through it fast and I have found that all Dunlops wear fast with the exception of the 606. I found that tire to be like riding on marbles. I tried the Pirelli MT21 rear and, though ugly, it is DOT legal, hooks up fairly well and wears well. I just put on a Pirelli MT18 rear for a trip to Baja and its about 2/3 gone, but that was 865 miles. I can't fault the Maxxis Maxcross IT. Straight line hookup is great though it is a bit skatey in the turns. It wears like iron too. I have been running the Dunlop 490 on the front, but I have heard the MT18 Front is a really tough tire.

My winter riding area is a mixture of sand wash and rocky mountain side with some rocky ridges thrown in. I like the rocky areas and I've had good luck with the Maxxis IT (tough, good hook up and cheap). The 120/100-18 fits in the swingarm nicely if you take your brake disc guard loose and slide the wheel in at an angle when removing or installing the rear wheel. If you like the sand more maybe a Dunlop 756, Pirelli MT44 or Maxxis Sur Cross (never tried one) would be a better choice. rockymountianmc.com is a great place to buy tires.

Hey DirtBoy,

Seems like you've tried all of them. Can you go into more detail as to what tire you like the best and why based on your experiances?



just an fyi, dennis kirk will beat anyone's price on tires by $1 shipped. they also have a better selection than

most others. the deal is that if you find a tire cheaper somewhere else, including shipping, they will sell you the

same tire for $1 less than the other place including shipping. all other parts if you order over $100 shipping is free.

i have had dunlop 739 on the rear of my xr400 and it seemed to wear fast. I have heard good things about

the pirelli mt18 front heavy duty/dot. and mt21 rear/dot.

just an fyi, dennis kirk will beat anyone's price on tires by $1 shipped.

Yes, that's absolutely true, but I didn't have the best of experiences with my order from them. Granted they were nice to deal with and honored the price guarantee, but it took them months to get me my tires. I ordered several tires from them that were 'supposed' to be in stock and they told me they'd ship the next day. I explained to the lady that I really needed to make sure they were in stock because I badly needed a tire for my next ride the following month and didn't want to miss out on it. She reaffirmed it would ship the next day and I'd receive it later that week. After a week and a half of waiting, I called them back and they told me they were on backorder and that mine didn't get shipped...ugh! They couldn't tell me an ETA and said it might be a week or it might be a month...ugh...ugh! After a few more weeks, I called again to get status and then they told me there was a national backorder on these tires and it might be another month or two or even three before they get them, but Rocky Mountain had plenty to sell. In fact, the reason I went with Dennis Kirk was because Rocky Mountinan was out of the tires I wanted the day I was placing my order and said I'd be waiting a week for them where as Dennis Kirk supposedly had them in stock ready to ship. In anycase, I ended up buying another tire from Rocky Mountian and it was delivered as promised. After another month or so, I had nearly forgotten about the Dennis Kirk order until one of my kids asked me when I was going to put a new rear tire on their bike. I decided to cancel the order, so I called up Dennis Kirk and was waiting on hold when the UPS guy coincidentally delivered the order :)

Maybe I've just been lucky but Dennis Kirk has always done a good job for me. They have always honored their "Beat it by a buck" guarantee and their shipping is always 2-3 days faster than Rocky Mt. Of course they are closer so the faster shipping is a given. I have had good luck with Rocky Mt. too and they have good prices. I just wish Dennis Kirk would advertise lower prices to begin with. :)

I have had also had bad luck with dennis kirk and usamotoworld.com great luck with rockymtnatv.com :)

that does not surprise me about dennis kirk. i have had good luck with them but the impression i get while on

the phone is not the best. so if i needed something in a hurry, i may go elsewhere.

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