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Setting SAG - some related questions

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Hi, i read a bunch of threads on how to set sag properly, but there are some questions that rise in my head 🙄


 Why we measure static sag and race sag? - ok, it can give us a direction on wether ths spring is too soft or too hard, BUT there are some variables that are not mentioned on the

static sag

The rider + gear weight is constant, but the bike weight may change too - if you remove weight from the bike, should you change springs too? My bike is w/o starter and battery and smaller sx tank, so the bike is 5-8kg lighter than normal exc. This will reflect the static sag for sure, but i put 5kg of tool in my back pack will it me the same for the suspension?



Then, what mm of preload of the sping is the max that you can use before changing to harder spring?


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You should use what is your most commonly used spec for riding. A few kgs +- at the center of the bike will not do much change. If you are to the level that you do notice a difference between full tank and half tank or similar smaller changes, you will still have to develop your own settings with the base from the recommended settings since what you favor will not be what someone else favors.


A change in 3-4kg of less fuel, needs to be put in perspective to changing track conditions, tires that are worn out, temperature rising in suspension, rider fatique and this typically masks any implication the pure weight reduction from less fuel might have.


When your bike geometry (oil levels, springs, ride heights, preload, handlebar height, fork position in clamps etc) is dialed in properly to your preference, the last thing you will notice is compensation for a few kg weight (clicks).

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Add length of linkage also to the above.


Between 9-12mm is maximum i would say for preload on shcok. I have tested with my Ohlins (486+490mm length on shock), and WP (486 + 490mm length on shock tested) 57,58,60,62,64,66nm springs. This is to my KTM 450 2013 and 2014. I have run 4 different valving setups.


I can not look at sag values because they are completly "off". To get right SAG numbuers i needed to run my 64 and 66nm rear springs which is way to stiff.

So i got both the ohlins and the wp revalved in 3 steps against a stiffer setup to compensate for runnig light springs. I tested between 8-12mm preload mainly on the 58, 60nm and 62nm springs after first stiffer valving (i could drop the 64 and 66). In the end i settled for a 58nm spring with 10mm preload instead of running stiffer springs to match my weight and 1.25mm longer linkage.

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