GNCC tapes


i would like to say thank you to whoever it was that sent me the 2 tapes of the 13 rounds of gncc's this last season. i just got the second one over the weekend.

i'm sorry i can't remember who it was that sent them, whoever it was they sent me an email about hte first one coming that i replied to, but i accidentaly erased my email containing this.

if the sender is reading this (and wants to send me another email?) i would like to express my gratitude for this. i enjoyed watching the races very much (but don't have speed channel at home) and will undoubtedly rewatch them again and again and again and.. :usa:

so, sorry if it seems inconsiderate that i can't remember the name, remember, i'm just coming off a severe concussion not too long ago :D, but thank you again! :D to qoute one of my favorite movie review lines:

""I laughed :D, i cried :D, it became a part of me :thumbsup:"

thanks again! :D :D :)


I'm gald you enjoied them. We went to the first round in Texas last weekend 1st, 2nd and 10th we were.

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