Sprockets: What Mfgr do you buy / mount?

Supersprox. Six desert races and 50+ hours of training and play riding this year with lots of sand track and dunes. Honestly minimal wear - although I'm religious with maintenance after just about every ride, I'm still impressed even if it is steel. Nice looking product, too.

I just swapped out my chain and sprockets about a month ago.  My bike (12 WR450) has about 350-400 hours and this is my 1st chain and sprocket change.  the stock stuff held up great (No chain lube - just WD40 on chain) and the stock chain/sprockets probably had a few more months before it really needed replacing.


I just put this stuff on, hope it holds up:


Primary Drive 520 ORH Gold X-Ring Chain 520x114

Supersprox Rear Aluminum Sprocket 50 Tooth

Supersprox Front Sprocket 13 Tooth

Supersprox Sprocket Bolt and Nut Kit

I have had the Ironman sprocket on my bike for 3 years. I have no idea if it has taken any direct hits but I ride in the rocks for the most part. I now have a Supersprox as I changed the gearing and liked the "bling factor". It has held up great for the last year.

I wish I was getting this kind of mileage.  I'm maybe 40 hours into this cycle and the front and rear both need replacement.


I hose off the cycle after every ride, and I clean and lube the chain pretty regularly. So, I dunno.  It must be the deep sand what got me.

I never use chain lube.


After a wash I run the bike up and down the block and hit it with WD-40.

I never use chain lube.

After a wash I run the bike up and down the block and hit it with WD-40.

That's all I've done for years. O ring chain. Edited by KennyMc

One of the keys to longevity is also a good x ring chain. The stock O ring chains seem to kink real bad.

I haven't had my WR long but I use the Dupont chain saver. Goes on wet and dries in about 30 minutes. I add this to a clean chain of course. 


I think it's probably more of a protectant than lube. But I changed my street bike chain/sprockets at 40K using it and there was still life in the hardware. That's quite a bit of miles, most with my bike probably change around 30K.

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