Air filters and water

How crazy should I be about a little water getting on my filter either when riding or washing I take good care of this bike and don't want to neglect it. It's a 2012 so the intake is in the front I recently have started riding in some extremely wet and muddy situations I keep my filter clean and oiled with bell ray filter oil. Should I not worry if once in while a little splash of water gets to the filter or is that big no no. I treat this bike better than any machine I have owned in the past and don't want to mistreat it thanks.

Hi flow air filters, be they foam or gauze, don't stop water.  They are not themselves damaged by it in any way, but they won't keep it out of the intake.  While the engine runs, a few random drops of water will also hurt nothing, apart from the fact that the water may carry dirt with it.  If you don't direct water at the air inlets to the air box while washing, there's not a lot to worry about.  The air box is designed so that water entering from the normal points where air would come from will ordinarily drain away without a significant amount getting on the element.

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