01 WR426 Converted to YZ450f (Supermoto Setup)

Well I am sure there is a good amount of people looking for answers if this is possible or not and yes it is in fact possible to put YZ250f or YZ450f plastics on your WR. Theres quite a few things to do/must be done inorder for this to work. I chose to do the because my WR426 is a supermoto but I wanted to change my color scheme and kinda update the look so I chose black and white plastics. Overall it isnt that costly unless you decide to buy everything listed below brand new.


For starters you're gonna need these things from and 03-05 YZ250f or YZ450f.

-Rear Subframe

-Air Box

-Gas Tank


-Rear Side Panels

-Rear Fender


Once you have all of that, then the fun begins. I'll try and walk everyone through this to the best of my ability and I will post pictures, its a project in the making on my end also. I know there are a couple other threads out there but hopefully this helps/answers some of your questions. There are some little tweaks/trimming and brackets that need to be made for a safe secure fit of the tank and shrouds. With this being said, lets begin!


This thread will also help you greatly with wiring in lights, turn signals, brake lights etc: http://supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?21510-How-to-convert-your-MX-to-street-legal-SM-(electrically) 


Very good write up^ I'll try and cover my wiring set up also.

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-Gun metal grey frame

-Black metallic rear swing arm

-Black metallic fork tubes

-Black metallic rear subframe

-Black metallic small pieces

imagejpg2.jpg" alt="imagejpg2.jpg">

imagejpg4.jpg" alt="imagejpg4.jpg">

For the subframe to properly bolt up, you need to shave down the two lower holes where the subframe meets the frame by the foot pegs, and one hole needed drilled a little larger to slide it to bolt up. I bought a used subframe and it may have had some damage causing me to have to do that. But if you buy new you shouldn't have to do so, but it's possible and it bolts up easily with little work.

Some more progress, I'll get to wiring here soon. 










Some more progress.

Looks awesome so far, the newer tank and shrouds really bring some new life in a somewhat now outdated looking bike.

Thanks! And yeah that was the main reason I did the conversion, bring a newer look to it and to be able to run all black plastics. Its a work in progress but almost done!



Little more progress.

Did you powder coat or paint the rear swingarm and frame? If you painted what did you use for paint?

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