07 wr450f no spark

Hi all. I have 07 wr450f that will not start- it has no spark. New spark plug, no change. New battery, no change. Tested both circuits on ignition coil - both good. Resistance check on pick up coil are good( according to manual). I get a 5v reading when I using a scope on the magnetic pickup, I think that would be enough?? The resistance checks on both of the stator coils are also within spec(according to manual). Are the stator coils supposed to have continuity between them? The other problem I have is that the cdi is only putting 3.5v to the coil. I have checked the clutch switch, neutral switch, main switch, and kill switch all appear to be working as normal, no shorts to ground etc. pretty stuck at the moment. Anybody help with testing the did, or if the stator is supposed to have continuity would be greatly appreciated. Also if anybody knows cranking voltage at stator coils that would be good. I get about 5.3vac ang 4vac on them, but don't know what I should be getting.

Getting desperate. Any help appreciated.

Thanks for all the replys...... It turned out to be the Cdi. Realised that it also wasn't powering the tail light. 2nd hand unit and away I went.

My CDI quit powering the taillight on my 08 in about 2010 but the cdi still works so its not releated that yours has no spark and the tail light doesnt work


Glad you got it running again

fairly rare for the cdi to break

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