need advice on possible trade

ok guys i have a 2008 TTR 125LE up for sale. its my sons old bike he moved to a 2008 250f. i have a guy who has been sending emails wanting to trade me for a 2004 yz450f. i dont know much about his bike other than he is the 2nd owner and he says its all stock. by looking at the frame it doesnt appear to have been ridden much. I know very little when it comes to these 4 strokes. I have looked around but havent come across anything braking down the years of yzf's and what the known problems were from one year to the next. Where these good bikes? what should i look for ect.... thanks for any help. 

2004 yz450f.jpeg

YZ is worth 1500.  TTR is worth 1200.  Assuming average condition with no serious issues.


Old MX four strokes can be a steal or a nightmare.  A full engine rebuild can easily cost more than the value of the bike.  That is the reason for the low resale on them.

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