Protecting your bike?

Hey guys after rising some gnarly single track the other day and seeing all the different guards on my buddies bikes it made me realize I better protect my wr.

What are the best guards to buy? Rad, skid plate? Anything else ? Also which brands are the best? Prixe isn't really an option. Also every time I dropped the bike the stock acerbis hand guards would bend and hit the clutch lever, should I go with different levers?

It's a 2012 450 !

The GYTR stuff holds up pretty good and bolts right up.  I have the same bike and it takes a real beating with the terrain I ride.

Acerbis hand guards or cycra pro bend hand guards are the best

The Cycra Pro bends with the metal frames have taken a severe beating with me and haven't budged.

I tried some Zetas and they folded up on their first ride.

2014 WRR-Totalled

2012 WR450F-Stolen

2012 WR450F-Third bikes the charm.

I recently replaced my GYTR radiator braces with some Unabiker guards; the latter appear to provide much better protection. 

Any suggestions for clutch/ brake levers?

Asv or sunline levers

Any suggestions for clutch/ brake levers?

If you run good hand guards, like Cycras, you'll "never" need new levers. And if you do, cheap stock replacement Motion Pro or Tusk levers work great at 1/20th the cost of an ASV or similar set up (for the clutch anyway).

So your saying replace the stock acerbis ones and problem solved?

unibiker rad guards, utah skid plate, fastway hand guards are the best, period. asv levers if you still need them.

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