Oil shavings in yz400f. need help

hey does anybody know what could cause my friends bike to make oil shavings. It has new 30 minutes on the new clutch plates and has 40hrs on the new piston and rings. any advice will be appreciated. 

Could be the new plates. Change the oil and clean the filter religiously. See if it changes

okay thanks. it also is fouling lots of spark plugs. do you think the rings could be worn and lets oil by causing the spark plug to foul

Yeah if it's fouling plugs I'd just re do the rings. Maybe a piston if you're up to it but that's not necessary.

What color is the smoke?

What are oil shavings?

i would consider glueing a magnit on the drain plug

i would consider glueing a magnit on the drain plug

I would not recommend glueing one on but I'd rather you buy one instead (:

i meant metal savings in the oil filter. sorry about that

my friend doesnt want to mess with the bike. He will give it to me for $150. It has a gouge in the crank and needs new rings. it also needs a new water pump shaft. do you guys think it is worth getting

I love mine i would pick it up for 150

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