Internet or my computer?

Everywhere there is supposed to be a picture or an icon I have a white box with a red x in it.

Can anyone shed some light on this? This is not only on TT but other websights also. This is happening on IE, but not on Netscape.


[ January 29, 2002: Message edited by: ricky1 ]

Check the security tab on your IE Internet Options, make sure you got the Medium Level of security selected !

If this doesn't work reinstall the IE on your machine and don't move anything in the Internet Options menu, this have to work !

Good Luck guy ! :)


Thank you so much!! I went in and checked my security settings, and it was in the "custom" mode. I reset it to default, (medium) and now everything is normal. The question now is how did the security setting get changed? I was working on the computer yesterday, but there is no way I was into security settings.

Once again, Thank You!

Some Internet sites change the Internet Security Settings in your Explorer by itself, so you must be careful about the sites you are visiting, some sites do this to take advantage of some features that they can handle with cookies in your PC, you must re-check your Internet Security Settings at least once a month or when you are involved in trouble like this.

Hope this helps folk !!! :)

You go, Internet Boy!!

Thanks for your support Jamracing ! This forum was so helpful to me that at least I'm trying to help anybody even with problems not related with Bikes !

A salute to You and all the TT's from TEXAS !


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