Yz450f maintenance

Newbie here. In Colorado and just bought a 2013 yz450f and have taken it out to the track twice. What are some thing that I need to do to make sure it lasts. Bought a 2nd air filter and will change that out every ride. Plan to change oil every two rides or so. Is there any suggestions for additional maintenance I should be aware of?

A bike that new didn't come with a manual?  If not, I would start off by getting one.  It will tell you everything you need to know about your bike.

 keep chain adjusted, oil filter every/every other oil change, valve clearance check every 4/5 oil changes. Check spokes occasionally.

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two more times too the track, wash and sell it . Worn out, buy new one!

Adjusted chain already. Chain wax. Valve clearance check? Downloaded a manual on internet. This thing rips

Bearing re-grease

Congrats on your new bike. Hope you enjoy it! 


Seems like you are on the right track for maintenance and all above suggestions are great.

Look here:http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/378677-common-threads-look-here-1st-mods-maintenance-common-issues-and-faqs/

It covers pretty much all FAQS and then some... to include common problems, fuel injection settings, mods.... as the thread name states. You can always find this thread stickied to the top of the YZ450F TT thread line.


If you look deeply in there (towards the bottom) you will find this:http://www.yamahaownershandbook.com.au/?r=0

follow the directions on the left and get your manual. Download the appropriate manual in PDF and I suggest putting it on your all of your devices, especially your phone. That way when your at the track, trail, garage, buddies house, wherever.... You always have tq values, assemblies, factory settings, you name it. I would also suggest reading it front to back. You will learn a lot and once your familiar with whats in it, you will save time.


Hope this helps some.....


P.S: packing your bearings (as stated above) IS always a great idea whenever buying new or used, especially new. Chain maintenance is very important. and remember, when your done riding at the end of the day- wash it, change oil, filters, chain maintenance, and check all your bolts and looks the bike over thoroughly. Consider it part of your riding routine, it keeps the bike in great shape when your not riding it (Most peoples bikes spend a lot of time sitting as opposed to running, obviously) it helps inhibit corrosion and, in case your crazy friends decide to go riding out of no where it will be ready. 


Keep your machine, looking, running, and sounding good and all your friends will praise you.

Good info. I appreciate it.

Anti seize on the chain adjuster bolts. Grease linkage bearings

Even brand new bikes can have bone dry linkage bearings. It can be a pain to take it apart, but pick a nasty cold wet riding day and hunker down with that manual and/or other info and tackle the project.


Repating and adding to what other have typed...

Oil change is crucial

Spoke tension

Air filter

Maybe a torque wrench. Just last weekend a rider had their rear brake pedal bolt back out. Finished 2nd in pro class but almost fell out of top 5 due to NO brake. Little things like that.


Preventative maintenance is the key.

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