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JD Kit for 250 SX-F 2008?

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I bought a 2008 and I don't think I runs as good as it could be. In low rpms the power is ok, but when it comes to mid rpms it seems that it loses a bit power.... an in high rpms the bike pulls very well.

Apart from that I think it starts not as good as my Yamaha I had before. The engine on the bike is completely new (about 5 hours on it) so I think this is a problem with the jetting.


So my question is:

has anyone of you ever tried a JD-KIt in his KTM 250 SX-F (2007-2010)? And has anyone of you had a noticeable difference?



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Yes there was a difference. I never noticed a flat spot before though... How hard is it to start?


When the engine is cold it's pretty hard to get it running. But after the engine is warmed up it starts nearly perfect. But last time it was very cold outside and it didn't run and start very well.


I'm hoping that de JD Kit maybe solves the jetting-problems. Also got a JD Kit in my 200 EXC and I love it. But it's a 2stroke and so a I don't know if it works as good in a 4stroke.

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