Did anyone else get a letter from REV letting them know they will no longer publish REV, but lucky us, we will have our subscriptions fulfilled with ATV Sport? Guess what, If I wanted ATV Sport I would have subscribed to ATV Sport. It's BS, F-REV

Man I knew it was too good to be true. I havn't got my letter yet GREAT

Yes they are done! :)

I got mine today pricks

Yeah, I got my letter today also. The goodbye letter was about as cheesy as it gets. why bother?

Great,Just what I need,another "Lawn Tractor" publication.Thats sad, I thought they had a great mag. :)

Yep, I got my letter a couple of days ago. Bummer, :D I enjoyed their publication. I could care less about getting the ATV mag. Oh well, that's the way it goes. :)

Good news boys, I called Ehlert Publishing, 1-800-877-6118, the publisher of REV and told the customer service lady I did not want ATV Sport, I just wanted a refund, she took my information and told me I would be getting a refund for the rest of my subscription.

I got the quad mag and I actually enjoyed it. So I already have every other dirtbike mag out ther, so something different till the sub is up was kind of refreshing. I almost forgot what quads looked like.

I emailed them for a refund and it was received in three days.

Please see the request below.

> -----Original Message-----

> > Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2004 12:57 PM

> To: Carey Bohn

> Subject: Subscription


> I'm requesting a refund of the unused portion of my REV subscription

> instead of the remainder in ATV sport magazine. I have no use or interest

> in ATVs, if you can make REV a go later let me know I'll subscribe.


> Thanks




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