TTR 125L for the wife????

I just discovered the TTR 125L. Looks like a pretty nice bike for the wife.

A friend of mine just bought a XR 200 for his 12 yr old son. Great bike and it will last forever but, it doesn't seem to offer much room to "grow into" (not much power). What is the power like on the TTR and is there any "hop up" kits as her ability progresses?

Good bike or not?


Chad L. Dwyer


ITS AN AWESOME LITTLE BIKE! picked one up for the Wifie last year, its pretty much stock except for the Big Gun ex. If you check out the BBR site they have a gang of stuff for it. :)

Diddo on the above. Cool bike for keeping the wife unit involved. BBR has cool stuff if you have the dough.

TTR125L is awesome. My wife actually asks me to go riding. Incredible, BBR has anything that you need. Fork and shock springs are a must.

Bought a '01 125 for my 13 year old son. Has same paint scheme as my YZ462. It's a really cool bike. It's low geared, starts easy, and the air filter is so easy to get to.

My wife, who has zero interest in bikes, just asked to try it out as soon as the weather gets nice here. Talking about getting the wife unit involved! :)


As stated in a previous post. My lady asks me to go riding so she can ride her TTR125L.

The 125L rocks but the suspension sucks. Need stiffer front and rear shocks.

Got one for my wife.Perfect bike for her.It's a must for front fork springs,and a rear chain guide I've heard of some chains coming off.There are plenty of mods at I hear her ringing out the motor I'm gonna keep it stock,but the bbr exaust and air filter looks like the best bet for power mods.

My wife had a kx 100 and it was too much and seemed to be limiting her learning to ride faster so we got her a ttr125l. She likes it a lot and has improved a bunch, now she wants a racier bike. She hasn't totally outgrown the ttr but is close. Problem is she is too short for a 250F or 125 2 smoke but wants something bigger than the ttr. We are looking at a 125 with shortened suspension, another Big wheel mini or an xr200. Not sure which way to go yet.

Her bike has a DMC pipe machined flywheel 14T counter shaft sprocket(stock is geared way low) and fork springs. It is a lot of fun and I have been able to give the slow guys a run with it even though I weigh 195(mostly out breaking or on downhills), but it is VERY slow. If you think a xr200 will be too slow, I don't think you could make the TTR even that fast with all the bolt ons. Check BBR they have some dyno's.

The bike is a great learner bike and a blast to rip around on but anyone who wants to race or works at riding faster on a track will want more soon.



I think it depends upon how big your wife is. I looked at the TT-R125L for my girlfriend, but she was too tall - 5'9"- for the little TT-R. I got her the XR200 instead. The seat height is just right for her to easily put both feet on the ground and it's not too tall that she has any trouble kick starting it. The power is perfect for her beginner ability, and the suspension is fine for her 120lbs.

Take her to a Yamaha/Honda dealer and let her sit on both.

Don't forget to buy her a good helmet and boots when she gets the bike!!

My wife has a KX100 with a FMF pipe and she loves it. We ride in the dunes mostly. The only other thing I might do to it is ad a flywheel weight...for easier starting. She is to short for a 2-stroke 125 and nothing less will do in the sand.

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