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PW80 intermittent spark issue

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Hey guys I am working on a 2005 PW80 for a friend that is trying to ride this weekend. 


It was running great all day, then just wouldn't crank. Had a very weak spark. I have taken all of the connectors apart, cleaned and reconnected. I followed all of the troubleshooting instructions from the manual and have come up with these readings using a fairly nice multi-meter. 


Stator: 148 ohms (spec: 200-300 ohms)

Primary ignition: 25 ohms (spec: .32-.48 ohms)

Secondary ignition: open (spec: 5.68-8.52 ohms)


The secondary reading is the spark plug contact, to the feed wire on the ignition coil. It reads open, yet I get a spark.


I pulled the stator and cleaned the grime from the inside. Also splashed it with some WD-40. 


Checked spark again and it was slightly stronger. All the readings remained the same with multiple testing before and after cleaning. Ambient temperature about 68*.


After all of the cleaning and testing, I reassembled the bike. Gave it a few strong kicks and it fires right up and purrs. It runs very strong. New OEM carb, filter, 110psi, fresh gas, plug, chain etc.


Does it seem like both the stator and ignition coil need to be replaced?


Thanks for any help!

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Anyone have info on why the secondary circuit on the ignition coil reads open but still gets a spark?

The bike is running great right now but have a feeling it will start acting up again with the readings how they are. 



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