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parts recomendation for 1997 xr600r

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Need suggestions for parts list, because I want to order ahead of time, to hopefully "gitter done" on a 1/2 way timely manner. I will be pulling motor to pull valve cover off.Reason for pulling motor, is 2 or 3 bolts are frozen & will probably snap & thus will have to tend to these. (easier with engine out)

Also my clutch is slipping, & I plan on doing a leak-down test, before disassembly. Something is making a lot of noise in top end, but runs good.

This is what I thought should be ordered ;

set of clutch plates

RH side cover gasket

seal inside cover for oil pump

return spring for kickstarter

seal for    "           "

seals for valve stems

exhaust pipe gaskets


What did I miss? Anything else????


Should I change timing chain??


Thank you ahead of time for foresite

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The cam chain is probably wore and that may be what is causing your top end noise. Mine was ticking. I adjusted the valves several times think it was that but to no avail it didn't fix it. At first it would only do it when it was cold but then it did it all the time. But yes change the cam chain.

The list you have seems like a good start.

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Well finally did the leak down test last night & failed big time. I could only get about 20 lbs from 100, to build, even with oil on piston. Time to pull motor & look inside.I cant believe it ran so strong in this condition.

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