Running wet sump on an 04 450F

Thanks to the lowlifes that stole both our speed hill climb bikes from my garage a fortnight ago I am looking at a replacement for the 03/04 Willpower tuned bike we have been running for the past couple of seasons. No chance of getting it back as I guess it has already been broken for parts or gone across the channel. Too distinctive to sell as a complete bike . The KTM 350 SXF that also went is definitely unique. I'm not aware of another anything like it in the UK. I can't face having to convert two MX bikes so need at least one to be ready to run.


So I've found an 04 ready setup for supermoto - lowered, 17 inch wheels, big disk etc. The advert says it has been converted to wet sump. I know this is a fairly common modification and I guess for what we use the bike for it would be fine. It would only get run for a couple of minutes warming up followed by less than a minute of hard riding up to a maximum of 8 or 9 times at an event.


How do you check the oil level? I suppose running such a small amount you are best changing it after every meeting anyway.


Sound the business otherwise: "suter slipper clutch, rinaldi cdi ignition, rinaldi racing cams, gearbox built with special 2nd, 3rd gears"




Oft times there is a sight glass that replaces the neutral switch.  Otherwise, there is no way to check it.  Personally, I'd convert it back.

Thanks. After reading your reply to another thread I don't think I'm ready to risk it. No idea how many hours it has on it and it was raced in the British supermoto championship when first built. I'm not in a hurry to have another gearbox failure.

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