hard starting cold or hot

This is great news.  Once again, MidLife guy comes through for us.


I'm checking one detail with them, but it's as you say, and it means a *bunch* of money can be saved for those willing to disassemble and clean the filter.


I'm riding on studs in snow this winter.   I'm going to pull my pump in the near future to check the filter as preventative maintenance.  I'll report my findings when I do.

I saw that bike with the OEM ECU in a little baggy. What ECU did they piton it?

The bike at Snake River Yamaha? The replacement ecu is a programmable unit that removes the gooberment finger from the bikes engine management.

Yep. I went down there because I was thinking about buying a YZ250 or YZ250F. I saw the WR there with the ECU in the bag and was wondering about that.

I love those Aussie WR videos...

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