Having Fun Wrenching

I didn't think I would have fun wrenching again. At one time I was in the Harley and muscle car seen. I soon got tired of busting my knuckles on the mechanical side of things. About 5 months ago I think it was Hick that told me working on these things is fun wrenching. Well he's correct, working on this WR is almost as good as sex. :) I did say almost! I just wanted to share that with everyone. Hopefully I'll see some of ya on the trail in Michigan.



Its all fun and games untill you are wrenching on it while your friends are all out riding.


The sex is always better if someone else is there...... :)


If I spend anymore time with this bike there won't be anyone else here. " I'm going to miss her" ! :)

Just kidding, she knows I need this thing. And she knows I need her too!!! :)


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