2003 WR450 oil line on left side leaks

I changed the oil on my 2003 WR450 and loosened the oil line on the lower left side.  Put it back together using the dowel and the o ring.  It leaked a little, took it back apart and replaced the o ring with one o-ring I had on hand, put it back together  and is still leaked.  So I ordered the OEM replacement - still leaks.  I did not notice any major scratches on the aluminum case of the aluminum fitting.  Should I put some RTV on the aluminum fitting, let it dry and try again.  Anyone have a similar problem? or advice.


Thanks in advance



Edited by WR_Bill

Had this problem before on my 03... ended up putting two o-rings on it. Hasn't leaked a drop in years.

Double o-rings worked great - thanks for the help

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