HELP!! Exhaust pipe GLOWING red

I àm selling my bike, and was just going to let i run a little time before i packed it and sendt it away. The engine was quite hard to start ( -8deg. celsius) but started after several kick`s. It ran perfectly at all rpm, but the exhaust pipe soon started glowing red (in the "U"bend.the first part of the pipe,closest to the sylinder). The exhaust it self didn`t feel to hot. The bike has never been started before in so cold weather, i only use it in the summer.I live in the north part of Norway, and in the summertime, it is always daylight outside(24hour), but in the winter we have what we call "the darktime" :) jepp U guessed right, it`s dark all the day. Since this is the first time i ever started the bike when it not was daylight,could it be that I haven`t noticed this before and every ting is as it Should be? or do i need to worry?? could this be normal?

Sorry for my bad english :D, but please help.

It's normal.

Thanx!!! got a bit worried there.. didn`t know that it was this HOT, look`s like it could almost melt. Was out in the garage again and tried starting it.By the way it`s a wr426f 2002mod. It fired up on first try, let it run at idle , and after about 30-60sek it started glowing like....hmmm...yea.... just WOW! :D that is realy hot. But if it`s ment to be like that. Thanx a lot :) Now i can sleep good tonight.. Phuee

Your jetting setup is lean, If you richen it up a little bit the header will not glow red and you will actually gain some performance. The other effect of a lean setting is backfiring on deceleration, also problematic to contributing to shearing the woodruff key on the O3 model 450.

Hey WR450F_RDR how does the new powernow go on the 03-04? I had one on my 02, but the intake bell of the carb doesn't look the same. Thanks

I noticed the same thing on my wr400 when I rode at night. Once I changed to YZ timing the pipe seemed to be much cooler.

Dez613, the powernow goes between the carb and filter inlet, a pretty tight fit. I am not the best person to be asking about the powernow, while it cleaned up the low to midrange on the bike, I hardly think it was worth the money for the amount of difference it made. Best money I have spent on this bike has been on after-market muffler and the JD needle kit. just my 2cents.

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