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What is WOHVA?

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What is WOHVA?
Your right to ride on publically owned land is being attacked each and every legislative session. WOHVA is the organization fighting for your rights.

Land managers throughout the State are struggling to keep riding areas open. WOHVA is the organization leading the effort to pull user groups together to keep riding areas open AND help them add more trails!

The Washington Off Highway Vehicle Alliance (WOHVA) was formed in 2006 in response to decreasing numbers of riding areas and government misuse of Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) specific funds. WOHVA is an alliance of 4x4, ATV & off road motorcycle users and businesses.  We represent thousands of OHV users from both sides of Washington State!

WOHVA’s purpose
WOHVA is working to promote, protect and pursue OHV experiences for Washington State families through education, responsible land use & political action.

Why join WOHVA?
Have a voice in Government
Membership in WOHVA supports OHV issues in Olympia

Have a voice with our Land Managers
WOHVA actively works with land managers (DNR, USFS & more) throughout Washington State to assure OHV needs are represented.

Have a voice in our Industry
WOHVA members include OHV dealers & businesses.  We keep them aware of OHV issues on both sides of the mountains.

Help form a united front
One alliance bringing together 4x4, ATV & off road motorcycle users. There is more power in larger numbers!

How can you help?

  1. Join WOHVA now! Visit http://www.wohva.org/Benefits_of_Joining
  2. Sign up for our email newsletter at http://www.wohva.org/WOHVA_Newsletters
  3. Donate to our legal fund at http://www.wohva.org/Donate_Here
  4. LIKE us on Facebook!
  5. Get to know your elected officials.  Find them at http://app.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/
  6. Sign up for CLOUT. Send an email to clout@getclout.org for more info!
  7. Join a club and ask them to add you as an Associate Member of WOHVA!
  8. Help WOHVA grow! Tell your friends & family about us and encourage them to get involved!

What’s an Associate Member?
WOHVA's success depends on keeping users informed about OHV issues in Washington State. We typically accomplish this through electronic communications, sent directly to our members. Do you receive these emails from WOHVA? Does your club belong to WOHVA as a supporting member?

If you answered NO, you are missing out on important OHV news!  Ask your club to join today and list you as an Associate Member.  When your club belongs to WOHVA…so do YOU!  Why depend on someone else to forward you the info, when you can have it sent directly to your inbox.

Join Now!
Help fight for your right to ride!

Visit www.WOHVA.org to get involved NOW!

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