Winter/cold weather riding on the WR?

Do any of you ride your WR's in the cold?  Got any winter riding pics?

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I rode through some of winter last year on my WR250R. We had an ice storm that shut down all the roads (the one that crippled Dallas) and I was one of the only people able to make it home. I plan on doing the same with the WR450F this year.

2014 WRR-Totalled

2012 WR450F-Stolen

2012 WR450F-Third bikes the charm.

This is our winter riding here in eastern NM...


Cabin fever.



-20c 6000+ ft. No problem!IMG_0029.JPG

Not a yamaha WR, but a WR.


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I put Bike Master heated grips on my bike, $48 shipped on ebay.  That and hand guards and I'm comfortable riding in the 40s and upper 30's with thin gloves.  I have a Ricky Stator alternator on the bike, I doubt that the stock system could handle it.  I've been looking at a Heat Demon seat heater, 30 watts for $60.  

Yep, year round. Riding and racing. Bike basically stays the same except for maybe oil or small suspension changes for the muddy races. Otherwise it's clothing and frame of mind changes.

Here is my current version of a snowmobile.


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