adjusting the clip position

Starting the uncorking process today. Received my first shipment from Service Honda. Am in the process of putting the unrestricted carb manifold in, I've got the 68s pilot in and a 170 main. According to everything I read, I should drop the needle to the 4th position. How do you access the clip? Do you have to take the whole throttle lever out to be able to pull the slide (throttle valve) out? Can you access the clip from the bottom? BTW, My service manual should be here in about a week. I also have the b53 needle on order as well as a 172 and 175 main.

Any help would be appreciated.

As far as I know the only way to get the needle out is to pull the screw out of the throttle drum and pull the whole throttle drum out to pull the throttle valve (slide) out.

I tried once to pull the screws from the link arm and couldn't pull the thing out far enough to get the needle out. Yes, the only way is from the top unfortunately.

Also be careful with the O-Ring under the top cover. Mine always seem to expand and I can never get them back in without cutting them. You can't buy a single O-Ring, you have to buy the whole O-Ring kit for the whole carb.

For baseline jetting try this link link

It has worked pretty good for me to get started there.

Good Luck, you'll really love it when you get it all uncorked and jetted properly.


Yeah, you can only get the needle out by removing the throttle slide from the top. Be careful with the screws, they are soft metal. Stock needle 4th position, competition needle goes in 3rd position, assuming everything else has been uncorked and you're running a 172 or 175 main.

The competition needle comes with a needle jet also, which should be used, since it's taper is matched to the needle. Good luck with it and enjoy the power.


Try a little vasoline on the o-ring. It will hold the o-ring in place. Mine expanded when I took it off but using the vasoline I was able to get it back on without cutting it. The bike is a lot of fun uncorked. :)

Yeah, you can only get the needle out by removing the throttle slide from the top. Be careful with the screws, they are soft metal.

Soft screws is so very true! I have read this in so many threads and there is a little something that I think should be added to this fine piece of advice.

Use a high quality #2 phillips head screw driver. A high quality #2 phillips driver bit with a power/torq screwdriver is an even better choice.

If you tackle these soft screws in your carb with a crappy old phillips screwdriver from hdepot, sears, walmart you will probably cheese your heads before you even know what you are doing :D and should you find yourself stuck with a bum screw :)

before screwing the screw screwier go BUY a Quality tool and I mean quality with a capital Q. :D

:worthy:Old saying...The right tool for the right job.

Once again, thanks to all who have offered their advice! The clip is in the fourth position and the carb is back together. Running a 170 and 68s for now. I've got a 172, 175, and a 180 on order as well as a 70 pilot just for good measure. I'm addicted!



Do yourself a favour and replace the screws with a set of allen head button screws.As mine had just about rounded off from the previous owner,with the amount of times I`ve remove the bowl they have been a godsend.

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